EEGRA website

Informing residents

There are 11 different independent residents’ associations in the borough. This can mean co-ordinating information is not always easy. The Councillors that form the Epsom and Ewell Group of Residents Associations (EEGRA) have created a website to help inform residents. You can now learn what is happening in your area direct rather than if and when a newspaper prints it. And you can read the official version rather than rumours swirling on social media.

Councillors will regularly update residents on the latest news across all the borough’s wards. This includes issues controlled by Surrey County Council like highways, street lighting and schools. There is also a listing of events and meetings each month like spring festivals, summer fairs and fireworks displays.

Finding out more about your council

On the website you can:

  • See all the councillors in Epsom & Ewell
  • View the structure of the Borough Council
  • View all the council committees and their members

For information about Borough wide issues visit